Top Ten Movies of 2016

Top Ten Movies of 2016 post image

Right now, chatter is beginning of who will be nominated for an Oscar, while I’m already getting sent screeners of movies for the SAG Awards. Plus, you’ll be seeing a lot of silly year-end best-of lists.

The problem is these lists are always a jumping-off point for arguments. But not when said lists are carefully compiled and scientifically vetted. Then there is no room for squabbling, only acceptance.

Here, then, are the real Top 10 Movies of 2016! (And don’t worry, if you don’t see your favorite movie here, it’s probably at number 11.) [click to continue…]

Anything Can Happen

Anything Can Happen post image

As the old saying goes, “Anything can happen, and it usually does.” This is a story of how my brain sort of works while I’m at my job as a stand-up comedian.

Gather around and let me tell you about the gloriously weird-ass day I had at work last night. It started with a sold out early show, and ended with me talking a guy into showing the late show crowd a picture of his bruised [click to continue…]

The Celebrity’s Guide For Moving To Canada post image

You’ve heard famous people say it every election cycle: “If <insert candidate of opposing political party> wins, I’m moving to Canada.” Well, it’s been almost three weeks since the election and so far no news about these northerly emigrating celebs just yet. Maybe they had to give 30 days notice to their landlords?

First off, almost zero celebrities who have made that threat/promise have actually followed through on it. In fact, there is only one documented incident of this kind of thing happening. [click to continue…]

A Bad Case of Tequila

A Bad Case of Tequila post image

File this under, “It Would Be Funny If It Were Not Sadly Real.”

If you yell “sooey” the pigs will come running, and the recent election of Donald Trump has summoned the hogs in ways both expected and unforeseen. With the KKK’s endorsement of Trump we could have easily seen the rise of white nationalists. They’re also known as the “alt-right” as they like to call themselves, likely because white supremacists are largely incapable of spelling “supremacists.”

But here’s one you probably didn’t see coming. Or maybe you did. [click to continue…]